CarPlan Odour Eliminator Spray

carplan incar odour elimination

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry’s car smelt so bad that nothing he did could fix the problem?

We reckon if he had this week’s Car Product of the WeekCarPlan Odour Eliminator Spray (spoiler alert) he wouldn’t have had to give the car away!

The fact is, sometimes even the best in-car air freshener can’t removed that really baked-in smell that car interiors get over time.

We used this product in our big one day car makeover test and I can attest to the fact that the car we used did not have a pleasant interior smell before we used this great product.

And, it’s so simple to use.

Just spray CarPlan Odour Eliminator Spray on your carpets and seats and your car will enjoy a fresh and pleasant smell that will last.

Then, use an air freshener to keep everything fresh and clean and your time in the car will be a whole lot more enjoyable.

This is a product that is a must-have if you take your dogs in the car, or if you smoke in your vehicle.

Where do you get it?

You can find CarPlan Odour Elimination Spray at good auto parts retailers, or order a 250ml spray bottle now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Store for just $9.99.

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