CarPlan Kleen Air

Clean and fresh air is just a squirt away!

carplan kleen air

There is no need to have a car that smells foul, not with our Car Product of the Week anyway – CarPlan Kleen Air.

An ingenious air conditioning cleaner and purifier, we’ve tested this product ourselves and found it to be a handy way to get an old car smelling fresh and clean.

This easy to use product eliminates bacterial mould and fungi – believe it or not these nasty critters can grow and multiply in your cars heating/cooling system over time.

If you get a bad smell when you turn your air conditioning or heating on it could be these microorganisms that you’re smelling – surely that can’t be good for your health either?

Is it hard to use? Not at all.

The entire process of the cleaning treatment of the air conditioning system takes approximately 10 minutes, and will take effect immediately.

All that’s left behind from the process is a pleasant citrus smell.

Order a can of CarPlan Kleen Air now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $24.99.

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