CarPlan Kleen Air Review

CarPlan Kleen Air Review

Simon Lai reviews CarPlan Kleen Air.

Do you ever get that not so fresh feeling? Ever experience any unpleasant odours?

No, this is not a deodorant commercial; I’m talking about your car’s air conditioning.

CarPlan Kleen Air is an air conditioning cleaner and purifier and claims to eliminate bacterial mould and fungus growing in your car’s air conditioning unit.

Kleen Air comes in an aerosol can and works much like a cockroach bomb. Following the instructions on the box, press out the perforation on the side of the box which will be a base for the can to sit in. Place the can in the hole in the box on the floor of the car behind the passenger seat.

Make sure the seat is as far forward as possible and the A/C is on recirculate and at full power. Then it’s as simple as pressing the button on the top of the can until it locks and closing all the doors.

The aerosol will spray its contents into the air as the A/C cycles the vapour through the system. Wait till the contents are completely empty which should take around 10mins.

It’s hard to prove the effectiveness of the spray, or the initial presence of microorganisms for that matter, but at the very least it will leave your vehicle with a nice citrus fragrance!

Kleen Air is quick and easy to use and gave me some piece of mind in a place where many of us spend a lot of time.

CarPlan Kleen Air retails for $24.99 and is available from leading auto parts retailers and the Altrex website.

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