CarPlan Interior Stain Valet Aerosol

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Interior Stain Valet Aerosol…

CarPlan Interior Stain Valet Aerosol

There’s a good chance your car’s carpets aren’t as clean and fresh as they were the day your vehicle left the showroom.

You might say that it’s a bit of a design fault that you can’t really take car carpets out to properly clean them.

Fortunately though there is an alternative, this week’s Product of the Week – CarPlan Interior Stain Valet Aerosol.

Available now in the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store, this product has been tested by us and we found it to be extremely effective in removing stains from dirty carpets.

You can also use it right across your car’s carpet, not just on stains, and this helps to freshen it up and bring your carpet back to a nice and clean look and feel.

Being a CarPlan product, you can rest that it has been designed for car use, something regular carpet shampoo type products can’t.

Oh, and it doesn’t contain bleach and it dries without staining.

Order CarPlan Interior Stain Valet Aerosol now and give your car’s carpets a new lease on life!

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