CarPlan Heavy-Duty Hand Wipes

carplan hand wipes

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Heavy-Duty Hand Wipes

This is an in-car must-have – a product that can get your hands clean and fresh, without water!

Great to have in your ute or truck, or just as handy in the family car, CarPlan Heavy-Duty Hand Wipes can remove grease and grit off your hands…as easy as just rub and forget.

As mentioned, you don’t need water, so if you’re out in a remote area, or maybe on a work site where there’s no access to clean and fresh water, you can still have clean hands.

These quality CarPlan Hand Wipes also include an anti-bacterial formulation and that means you can eat in your vehicle without having to worry about germs.

Oh, and the best bit? The price. You can order a pack of CarPlan Heavy-Duty Hand Wipes right now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $7.99!

Check out this handy (pardon the pun) product and many other quality products for your car/ute/truck right now at

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