CarPlan Flash Dash Shine Pad

carplan flash dash shine pad

Jump into any car and the first place you always look is the dashboard – if its clean and shiny that’s a good sign that this is a well looked after set of wheels.

We’ve previously recommended CarPlan Flash Dash to you, the only issue is that this terrific product was previously only available in wipe form.

Sure, you could keep a pack in your glove box and then clean and shine your dashboard on the go.

But what if you had more than one vehicle? Or were looking for something a little sturdier to add to your car cleaning arsenal?

Enter this week’s Behind the Wheel Car Product of the Week – CarPlan Flash Dash Shine Pad.

This terrific dashboard shine solution is ideal for use on plastic, leather, rubber and synthetic surfaces.

But wait there’s more!

You can also use it on the outside of your vehicle.

CarPlan say the Dash Shine Pad is also suitable for use on unpainted bumpers, mirror casings and trims.

And it contains antistatic agents and UV filters to help things inside and out stay clean and shiny.

Order your own CarPlan Flash Dash Shine Pad now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for an unbelievably low $3.99!

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