CarPlan EcoCar Polish

carplan ecocar polish

The car industry is constantly striving to achieve cleaner and greener motoring and helping the environment doesn’t just stop at the tailpipe.

Washing a car can be extremely harmful to the environment, just think about the damage you could be doing to your local waterways when you wash off all those soap suds down the drain.

Not only that, some car wash and car care products are made using harsh and harmful chemicals that start damaging the environment before they even get to your home.

The answer is to invest in these terrific CarPlan EcoCar products available now from Altrex Auto Accessories.

We’ve brought you details before on the CarPlan EcoCar Pack, EcoCar Shampoo and EcoCar Wheel Cleaner, but now you can also add a car polish to the mix.

CarPlan EcoCar Polish is a natural car wax that protects and polishes car paintwork.

It features a water based formula that contains natural waxes, including Carnauba and Bees Wax extracts.

What a great gift idea this would be!

You can order this great product, and all the other EcoCar products, right now at fantastic prices from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store.

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