CarPlan EcoCar Pack

CarPlan EcoCar Pack

The Behind the Wheel Product of the Week is this great pack of CarPlan EcoCar products.

CarPlan EcoCar Pack
CarPlan EcoCar Pack – a great value pack that won’t cost the earth!

You’ve been hearing about us talk about CarPlan EcoCar on the Behind the Wheel radio show and podcast, now you can get a full range of six EcoCar car care products in a money-saving pack.

Available to order now from the online store at, the pack contains;

  • CarPlan EcoCar Wheel Cleaner 500ml
  • CarPlan EcoCar Shampoo 500ml
  • CarPlan EcoCar Odour Elimination 500ml
  • CarPlan EcoCar Glass Cleaner 500ml
  • CarPlan EcoCar Dash Cleaner 500ml
  • CarPlan EcoCar Polish 500ml

That’s a $59.99 value, but, buy now in the pack of six and Altrex Auto Accessories will charge you just $39.99 plus postage.

Why buy EcoCar? Because the products contain natural plant, vegetable and fruit extracts. They are effective cleaning products that can be used on all car components, and have a greatly reduced impact on the natural environment.

Eco Car products ensure an optimal biodegradability level and product packaging can be recycled.

This great pack will help you keep your car clean for ages, all without hurting the environment.

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