CarPlan Demon Machine

Demon Machine Rapid Dirt Shifter is our Product of the Week

carplan demon machine

There’s all that regular car wash stuff you can get, but for the really serious stuff you have to call in the heavy artillery.

That’s exactly the way to look at the CarPlan Demon Range.

We tested the range and can attest to the fact that these products shift dirt and mud with ease.

One of our favourite products in the range is this week’s Car Product of the WeekCarPlan Demon Machine.

It’s a rapid dirt shifter that will help you get the bulk of the dirty stuff off your vehicle before you go anywhere near it with a sponge.

You simply spray on, then hose off and the end result is a sponge and car wash ready surface and that means a lot less ‘elbow grease’ is required to get your car looking a million bucks.

CarPlan Demon Machine is also ideal for washing 4x4s, dirt bikes, trucks, and other equipment.

Give it a go, we reckon you’ll be just as impressed as we were in this quality CarPlan product.

Why not check out the complete Demon Machine range? It could make a great gift idea.

Order CarPlan Demon Machine Rapid Dirt Shifter now from the Altrex Auto Accessories online store for just $18.99.

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