CarPlan Demon Foam Review

CarPlan Demon Foam Review

Joel Helmes reviews Demon Snow Foam Car Shampoo.

CarPlan Demon Foam Review
CarPlan Demon Foam comes complete with the foam gun, all you need to do is connect your hose.

The car wash ritual has been bucket, sponge and a dash of car wash since…well since cars were invented!

That long-held tradition however could be challenged by snow foam car shampoo products, such as Demon Foam.

As you might recall I tested out the Demon Car Wash range earlier in the year and came away quite impressed. The Demon Range is a genuine car cleaning solution and particularly excels when you have a lot of dirt and mud to remove, in other words the serious stuff!

Also in that range is Demon Foam and I gave it a go, here’s how it we went…

CarPlan Demon Foam Review
The foam goes on and then a quick going over with the sponge is all you need to do.

After screwing on the supplied foam gun to the the Demon Foam bottle, you simply connect your hose to the gun and you are ready to go. The gun comes with a tap on the side, this allows you to choose between plain water and the snow foam.

Step one is to rinse the car, then apply the snow foam, give the car a going-over with a sponge and then rinse off.

CarPlan Demon Foam Review
The Demon Foam review also gave me a chance to check out the Triplewax Micrfibre Wash Pad.

As with a lot of the products that we review, a little experimentation is a handy thing.

We first washed one side of the vehicle and it was the firm belief that we had applied too much snow foam. This was clear because it really did take a fair bit of rinsing to get all the foam off!

We also found that the foam gun restricted water flow on the fresh water setting. Thus, for the other side of the vehicle we removed the hose from the foam gun for pre-rinse and post snow foam rinse and applied about half as much of the snow foam – the result was a much speedier, less wasteful and easier wash.

Just as importantly the end result was just as impressive – shiny and clean paint.

Just on the Triplewax Microfibre Wash Pad, once again a little experimentation goes a long way during a review – if you invest in one of these products make sure you give it a good soaking in a bucket of water for a few days to soften it up first. I could feel the wash pad softening-up, though just as in the case with the Altrex Speed Dryer Chamois, with these quality products the more you use them the easier and more effective they become.

CarPlan Demon Foam Review
The end result was a really clean and shiny car.

CarPlan Demon Foam Snow Foam Car Shampoo is a handy product to have in your car cleaning arsenal.

It’s easy to use and effective.

The rinse function on the Snow Foam Gun was a little dissapointing though, still, it literally only takes a couple of seconds to detach and rinse in the conventional way, perhaps its also a little easier too without the weight of the bottle to have to contend with.

Demon Foam and the Triplewax Microfibre Wash Pad are both available from the Altrex Auto Accessories online store.

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