Carplan Bug Blitz Wipes

Carplan Bug Blitz Wipes

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Bug Blitz Wipes

We can’t really put this more sensitively than ‘you’ve got to get them while they are fresh’.

Bugs we mean, when they hit your car and they splatter themselves all over your paint, what’s left quickly starts to dry out and the longer you leave them, the harder the little buggers are to get off!

Same goes with tar splatters, tree sap, bird droppings and has your car ever been the victim of a flying fox/bat bombing raid?

The trick is to remove these potentially paint damaging deposits ASAP and we reckon this week’s Product of the Week is the solution.

Carry a packet of these handy wipes in your car and if you spot something on your precious ride, just wipe it away.

Quick and easy and always on hand, CarPlan Bug Blitz Wipes can help you remove the deposits before they do damage or become difficult to get rid of.

Order your CarPlan Bug Blitz wipes now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $7.99.

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