CarPlan Black Trim Wax

carplan black trim wax

No matter what make or model car you have we’re pretty sure you’re going to have some black trim, we’re also 100% certain that your car has tyres!

That means that this week’s Product of the Week is a product for every car owner in Australia.

We’ve selected CarPlan Black Trim Wax because it truly is the car product that every garage should have.

CarPlan Black Trim Wax cleans & restores black trim and is specifically designed to restore faded and discoloured, black, exterior car surfaces…so think window surrounds, door protection moldings and bumpers.

The unique combination of waxes and polymer extracts restores the shine on black bumpers, trims and mirror casings.

What a great product to have at your disposal…and at the end of another long and hot summer we reckon your cars rubbers and plastics have looked better.

Order a bottle of CarPlan Wheel Tyre & Bumper Black Trim Wax today from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $9.99.

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