CarPlan Are you Startin?

carplan are you startin? aerosol

The days are getting shorter and the weather is starting to turn cool again and what that means, especially in Australia’s elevated areas, is getting your car started in the morning could become more difficult.

One of the great things about this week’s Altrex Car Product of the Week is that it can also be used in applications away from your car.

CarPlan Are You Startin? Aerosol can help get your lawnmower going, or your chainsaw, and a quick squirt in a whipper snipper can also do the trick to get things fired up.

Specially formulated to help start cold engines, and consequently putting more strain on your battery and starter motor, this terrific product contains upper cylinder lubricant and directs a high pressure jet for rapid action.

Oh and you can also use it in diesel engines too.

Just one of the great Workshop Wonders products available from Altrex Auto Accessories, order a 400ml can of CarPlan Are You Startin? now for just $12.99.

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