February 28, 2019

Your Car Reviews: 2010 Honda City

Your Car Reviews: 2010 Honda City

Vija review his 2010 Honda City for us.

I drive a 2010 Honda City with a manual transmission. Its white and bright so you would think that other drivers would see the car in a car park. But no, it’s a dent magnet. T

Your Car Reviews: 2010 Honda CityThere is one great thing about this small car and that is the boot size.

I don’t know whether is fact or a car mechanic’s fantasy, but I was told that the 80,000km service will cost $770.

That caused a bit gulp! Why? If memory serves, it has to do with some part having to come out for cleaning plus all the blah blah that goes along with the justification of exorbitant rip offs.

It’s a basic car, with no fancy features. The air-conditioning is good for warmth but doesn’t excel on the cooling.

And don’t forget to get a wheel rotation and balance regularly or you will be buying sets of tyres more often than you should.

I don’t love this car. It’s okay and will get you from A to B without any trouble.

That was an excellent Honda City review Vija, thanks for sending it in! If you would like to join Vija in the draw for this month’s big prize pack simply send your car review in via [email protected] or use the Contact page.

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