Your Car Reviews: 2008 Nissan Patrol

Your Car Reviews: 2008 Nissan Patrol

Natalie tells us all about her 2008 Nissan Patrol.

I bought our Nissan Patrol new for the safety of our kids because NT roads have wandering buffalo, cattle, horses and I even had to swerve to avoid a croc once!

It’s a great 4×4 and has loads of power for towing. We have travelled across Australia many times and with 3 kids the load is never light. Fully enclosed loaded to the roof 7×4 trailer and an 80L Engel in the car and only on the steepest of hills did it ever slow.

The Patrol’s 4×4 system has had a workout around the farm and along Katherine River and on a few of the northern beaches, we have never had to dig it out or rescue it from anywhere.

We did have a heap of fuel issues from dirty fuel. The common rail is very fussy so we fit a second diesel filter and it hasn’t had another problem with fuel. There is a common fault with warping exhaust manifolds and the noise will sound like a turbo problem. With a special kind of turbo costing $1400 definitely get it diagnosed properly.

The belt-tensioner is hydraulic and if it leaks just a drop of fluid, even though the belt still looks good and tight, there will be squealing noises. Problems have all happened after it hit six-years old and they are only minor and easily repaired.

Parts do seem to cost a lot for this model and check to see if it has an air-con filter. Without it, it is very hard to clean the condenser as it’s behind the glove box and can’t be removed when the air seems not cold enough.

This Nissan is great on the road. Sits well and handles easily. Has plenty of room inside for a family of 5 even with 2 or 3 children’s car seats installed and with the 2 extra back seats has plenty of room for Grandma or a couple of friends.

These are simple to remove and can be used even with the safety cage however the headrests need to be taken out to fold them up out of the way with the cage still in.

For much less cost than a Landcruiser it was a good choice for us. Being just a four-cylinder I was skeptical on its power but aside from a bit of turbo lag it has all the power and get up and go we need.

Natalie, thank you! Great review of your Nissan Patrol. Natalie is in with a chance to win this months prize. If you would like to review your car for us, simply pop it on an email and send to or use the Contact page.

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