Your Car Reviews: 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL

Rodney reviews his Nissan X-Trail for us…

Your Car Reviews: 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL

I’ve been a Nissan man for over 30 years, even learned to drive in a Datsun 180B!

So really there wasn’t anything else I considered when it came time to trade in my reliable 1992 Nissan Skyline for something a bit roomier about 10 years ago.

I opted for the ST grade of the Nissan X-TRAIL with six-speed manual transmission.

It’s been a good vehicle over the years and I’ve always had it serviced by my local Nissan dealership and I think this helps.

The 2.5 litre engine is quiet and powerful enough for me and I normally get about 700km from a tank of petrol, not bad!

I really like the way the X-TRAIL feels on the road, it has a comfy ride and the turning circle is excellent.

Your Car Reviews: 2007 Nissan X-TRAIL
2007 Nissan X-TRAIL ST interior.

About a year ago I had to replace the battery and I’m on my third set of tyres, the only other thing that has needed attention was the brake pads.

The cabin is really hard wearing too and everything is still in good shape in there.

If I wanted to be picky I might tell you though that the driver’s side door trim is feeling a bit loose and the plastic in the boot tends to scratch up.

Overall though another great Nissan ownership experience.

Thanks Rodney, great review of your Nissan. If you’d like to review your vehicle for us, and possibly win a prize, simply send in to [email protected] or use the Contact page.

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