February 28, 2019

Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Falcon XR6

Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Falcon XR6

Anita reviews her 2004 Ford Falcon XR6 for us.

Boys n their Toys?! Girls n’ their sugar n spice OR Ford thinking with wheels n’ driver’s seat. That still makes me sweet ?

Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Falcon XR6I love my Ford Falcon Sedan XR6 2004. This car is beautiful blue like your sunny daydreams.

This vehicle is reliable and can use it’s sporty handling around roundabouts and city streets with ease.

Also, though my blue Ford loves a long, long drive. Great for Australia then! She gleams, but not mean. Just all class on the road and easy on the pocket.

Because the only damage she does is break people’s hearts with envy as we drive by…cruise by. Spoiler in air.

Thanks Anita, love it! We are looking for more reader/listener car reviews. Send us your review and you could win a prize.

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