February 28, 2019

Your Car Reviews: 2000 Toyota Corolla Sedan

Morgan reviews her 2000 Toyota Corolla for us.

Your Car Reviews: 2000 Toyota Corolla SedanMy Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car. Got it as my first car and is still the only car I have ever owned.

I moved to Sydney last year, would fly back and forth between Sydney and Perth last year in 8-12 week intervals. After 8-12 weeks of no driving the car would always start perfectly with no hassle.

Now I am driving it more regularly and I cannot pick anything to complain about.

The gearbox is quite smooth when changing gears. The clutch needs to be pushed in quite low compared to more modern cars I have driven but I have never seen this as an issue.

The car has been looked after well, I don’t speed or do burn outs or anything crazy with it and it has never been crashed or dinged.

Would highly recommend as a first car or anyone buying a car on a budget.

Morgan thank you so much for telling us about your Toyota Corolla and we are glad to hear that it is serving you so well.

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