February 28, 2019

Your Car Reviews: 2000 Ford Ka

Gabrielle reviews her 2000 Ford Ka for us

Your car reviews: 2000 ford ka

Hey guys, thought I would tell you about my car, a trusty companion that still turns heads and starts conversations.

I left University in 2000 and decided to reward myself with a new car, Ford has always been the car brand of choice in our family and so I really had no other choice but to go with a car with a blue/oval badge.

I remember looking at a little Ford SUV first, I can’t remember what kind, then inside the showroom there was this rather unusual looking little car that looked like it was in need of a good home.

After a quick test drive and a little haggling over price and features, I drove away in my Ford Ka.

Featuring three doors and an engine that is not exactly V8 Supercars worthy! The Ford hatch has been a trusty little purchase that has taken me to work and the beach more times than I could count.

The Ka is one of those cars that is so rare that if you see another one you have to wave to your fellow Ka owner, or, if in a carpark or service station, have a conversation.

The best bits of the Ford Ka are the fuel economy and general reliability, as well as the uniqueness!

I’m thinking I might hang on to the little Ford, it might be worth a fortune one day as a collector’s item.

Thanks for reviewing your Ford Ka for us Gabrielle and yeah, we reckon you should keep it too.

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