February 28, 2019

Your Car Reviews: 1995 Hyundai Excel

Your Car Reviews: 1995 Hyundai Excel

Garry tells us all about his 1995 Hyundai Excel.

Words cannot describe how much I HATE this car, but here goes.

I drive this vehicle (and I mean that in the nicest sense) because it was given to me by an elderly aunt of mine who used to run up and down to the shops in it and then, because I was in university and broke, she gave it to me.

1995_hyundai_excel_interiorWithout sounding ungrateful, I would rather take the bus – in fact I envy those people sitting up there and enjoying one of my cities finest forms of public transport.

Trouble is the Hyundai Excel was my well-meaning relatives baby and if I was to sell it she would be hurt. So here I am, in some kind of automotive tontine, waiting for either Aunty or Excel to leave this world.

Until then, yep, I’m stuck with it.

Why do I hate it so much? It has zero power; I literally get burnt off by those buses that I would rather be on. The manual transmission feels like you are pushing a steel rod through a bucket of nuts and the ride, well it’s just awful.

My Aunty, who was obviously on a tight budget when she (no doubt) excitedly walked into her Hyundai dealership in 1995, didn’t tick any options boxes, yep, no air-conditioning either. It does have a two-speaker stereo system though and a cassette deck, ultimate luxury!

The Hyundai Excel is just plain dreadfully uncomfortable. Terrible driving position, awful seats, noisy and harsh!

If anyone can think of a way I can ditch this car without breaking my Aunties heart (and looking like a douche bag) please let me know. I had even considered faking a car theft just to be rid of it (no, it isn’t insured for theft).

Thanks Garry, by the sound of it you won’t be joining the Hyundai Excel Owners Club any time soon! Hate your car as much as Garry? We’d love to hear all about it and you could even win a prize.

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