Car Polish Comparison

Car Polish Comparison

Joel Helmes compares three popular car polishes – T-Cut Original, T-Cut Color Fast and Turtle Wax Color Cure Plus.

Car Polish Comparison
A Falcon door from the wreckers was used to put the three products to the test.

Well, to be honest the term ‘polish’ doesn’t actually appear on the bottle of either the T-Cut Original or T-Cut Color Fast, instead these products are known as ‘colour restorers’.

After washing our test bed, an old Ford Falcon door that had seen better days, with T-Cut Power Wash (which in itself left me quite impressed and will feature in an upcoming car wash review), I applied the two T-Cut colour restorers first.

Let’s see how they went in this car polish comparison:

T-Cut Original

Car Polish Comparison
The label says this product restores the original colour and lustre in seconds by removing oxidization, ingrained road grime, tar spots and dried insects.

T-Cut Color Fast

Car Polish Comparison
The first thing you notice is the dark green colour of the T-Cut Colour Fast product.

The verdict between these two – a clear cut win to the T-Cut Colour Fast. The T-Cut Original didn’t bring the unblemished paint back anywhere near as bright and smooth as the T-Cut Colour Fast. The Original also left a slight residue on the paint.

Car Polish Comparison
T-Cut Color Fast was a clear winner.

Turtle Wax Color Cure Plus

This product differed in that it comes with what’s called a ‘Chipstik’, which the bottle promises will mask deep scratches and stone chips.

Let’s see how it went:

Car Polish Comparison
Applying the Chipstik to the deep scratches in the paintwork.

The Turtle Wax has a very runny consistency, close to water in-fact; the T-Cut products were significantly ‘thicker’.

Car Polish Comparison
While the runny consistency didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence the final result was pretty impressive.

The verdict

Based on the results achieved I wouldn’t be recommending the T-Cut Original. It was the most difficult to remove and left a residue which really did take away the lustre and shine you might expect.

The Turtle Wax product produced a surprisingly good result given its very runny consistency, but having to use the Chipstik on every scratch beforehand is a bit time consuming and fiddly.

The T-Cut Color Fast brought out the best shine, was easy to work with, was the easiest to rub off, is cheaper than the Turtle Wax product and, despite not coming with the Chipstik, essentially equalled the Turtle Wax result on the deep scratches.

Car Polish Comparison
The winner – T-Cut Color Fast,

T-Cut Original retails for around $16.95, T-Cut Color Fast will cost you around $19.95 and you can pick up the Turtle Wax Color Cure Plus for around $24.95.

Happy polishing!

Joel Helmes

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