Car Dealership asks “How do we list our cars with you?”

A question from a car dealership

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This might be of assistance to other car dealerships – an article explaining the car sales ads you see on

Why? Because we just received a message via our contact page from Julie-Anne asking us that very question.

“Hi Behind the Wheel, noticed your car sales listings and would like to get our car inventory included. How do we do that?”

It’s really quite simple – has a sister website – Motor Classifieds (

Motor Classifieds was started as a car sales alternative for Australian dealerships who are (their words not ours) “fed up” with the way they are treated by some of the other car sales websites and platforms.

Being the good guys and girls that we are, we thought we should provide an opportunity to these dealerships who don’t want to have to pay all sorts of listing fees and click through fees just to advertise their cars online.

It’s not all about helping the dealerships either, ultimately it’s car buyers who are having to pay these fees.

So Motor Classifieds was born and is able to take a CSV inventory feed of any car dealership in Australia that would like to be involved.

How much does it cost? Well, we decided to promote the service as being the home of the $100 listing fee. No, that isn’t per car, that’s per dealership per month.

Add some GST on top and you can list as many cars as you like for just $110 a month!

To answer Julie-Anne’s question, to get your dealership car sales listings showing up at Motor Classifieds all you need to do is send me an email –

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