Car Buying Tips for First-Time Drivers and Students

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Choosing your first car is always tricky. On one hand, you want a car with a big engine and the latest gadgets.

At the same time, you want the car to be affordable enough to buy and run; you also need it to be affordable to insure.

If you are in the market for your first car or you’re a student looking for the best car to buy for your budget, you have come to the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best tips and tricks for finding and buying the car that suits you perfectly.

Figure Out Your Budget

The first thing you need to do before you start browsing through classified ads and car listings is setting a budget.

You need to figure out how you will finance the purchase – whether your parents are paying for the car or if you need to finance it some other way – and how much you can actually afford to spend.

Having a clear budget will help you with the search in so many ways. For starters, you can limit your search to new and used cars that are well within your budget, allowing you to save plenty of time and only focus on the cars you can afford to buy.

The budget also helps you figure out how much you can afford on insurance and other fees.

Even better, you can start thinking about setting aside some of the budget you have on hand for repairs, modifications, and other expenses.

Look at Cheap Cars

Some cars are designed to be cheap even when they are brand new. The second-hand market is no different; it is easy to identify cars that are available used for less than your budget.

Models such as the Hyundai Accent, Holden Barina, and Ford Fiesta are famous for being very affordable, which is why they are immensely popular among students.

If you are attending an internet-based course such as the Ohio University online masters in engineering management program, you can be more flexible with running costs.

If you are attending an offline program at Ohio University or other top schools, on the other hand, running costs are among the factors you need to consider.

When comparing options, don’t just look at the purchase price but also the overall running costs of the cars, including maintenance costs.

You can save yourself a lot of money – and trouble – by tackling this factor early.

Go Japanese

Japanese cars are famous for being very reliable. Cars such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Yaris are your best bet when it comes to getting your first car.

Japanese cars are also relatively cheap to insure, plus you get more for your money; a great entertainment system and leather seats are usually standards in Japanese cars.

Using the tips we discussed in this article, you will end up with a handful of options to choose from.

You can safely choose any of the cars that are within budget, cheap to run, and reliable enough for everyday use.

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