February 28, 2019
February 24, 2017

Car buyers not excited by in-car technology

Study finds lack of interest in some in-car features.

Car buyers not excited by in-car technology – the study found strong disinterest in features such as built-in apps and concierge services.

It seems like there’s a new in-car technology idea coming out of the car manufacturers every week, but do car buyers really want more technological complication?

A new online study conducted by polling firm Nielsen and automotive consultants SBD in the US has found that for a lot of car buyers the technology built-in to their cars is often not wanted and regularly never even used.

Automotive News reports that 43% of the 14,000 survey respondents said too much infotainment technology was being added to new vehicles, and of those features, technologies such as voice recognition and customizable instrument panels most often left them least satisfied.

Other tech that left car owners nonplussed included hybrid drive-trains, electric suspension and built-in hard drives to store music.

Read the full report here. What do you think? Are there features on your car that you just never use? Are the car manufacturers creating too much complication? We would love to get your comments in the Disqus box below.

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