Car Advice – 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Car Advice - 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Kim is considering a used Tiguan

Hi, wondering what you think of a 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan?

It’s a petrol/manual that has traveled 80,000km and we want to use it as a 2nd car.

I noticed you mentioned to keep away from the European cars. Many thanks, Kim.

Hi Kim, thanks for your question.

There is no particular reason to say that investing in a 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan would be a bad move.

The car was popular and that should make parts availability, both new and second hand, an easy task.

The drive-line in that car was also used across a number of different Volkswagen models and that should also assist in keeping prices of components like drive-belts at a minimum.

Conversely, caution is recommended with all cars that are getting towards their 10th birthday.

Before you sign anything, or hand over any money, make sure you get the car thoroughly checked over by a mechanic that you know and trust.

We have heard stories of people getting a “bad” Volkswagen, especially from around this era and you want to make sure you aren’t buying someone else’s nightmare.

Also, we would recommend having a good study of the service records.

Make sure the car has a great service history (with dealership stamps).

Lastly, have a good look over the vehicle yourself.

Look for signs of body repairs such as miss-matched paint (look over the outside of the car in the sun and the shade), how’s the wear on things like the steering wheel, driver’s door trim and seat – does this reflect the relatively low k’s of the vehicle?

After all that if it still looks and feels right and you’re happy with the price then you should end up with a good car.


Hi Joel,

We ended up buying the Volkswagen Tiguan with a trade in from a car dealer, though a little wary after mixed opinions, but we needed a car quickly and it was right budget and size.

So far so good and its immaculate, quite lux and very comfortable, more bossy than Im used to- beeping when Im not doing what Im supposed to and locking me in after take off. Its zippy and smooth.

We purchased an excellent warranty from the car dealer along with the car to safeguard any potential problems tiguans are prone. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again!

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