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Are you moving and considering a drive away service for your car? Well, let’s first explain what an auto drive away service is and why lots of people prefer to use them to transport their cars to a destination.

This service is provided by companies who have drivers to physically drive your car from the original place to the destination it’s going to. Not everyone can or is willing to drive their car hundreds or thousands of miles away, but they will need their car at the location of where they’re going.

So this service is used for people moving from state to state, or as far as Canada.

You can use the service for other reasons other than moving. Maybe you bought a car from somewhere far from you, or maybe you’re a car salesperson and need to transport cars from different areas.

Lots of businesses use drive away services, such as commercial fleets, companies, or dealers.

The traditional choice to move your car would either be to drive it yourself or use a car shipping method. Yet people are finding auto drive away services to be cheaper and easier than other methods.

Besides getting tired from all the driving if you have a long distance to travel, you might also have to make several stopovers in hotels or motels to spend the night or nights which would add a lot of expenses.

Here, we’ll give you more information on this service, and when you choose a good company, you could very well find that this service is an option that suits you to a T.

How it works

While lots of people might not like the idea of someone else driving their car, a good drive away service always hires responsible individuals to drive other people’s car. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age, sometimes 23, and have a clean driving record.

Other sorts of references are also needed if someone wants to be a driver. In some companies, drivers actually don’t get paid for driving your car.

They are people who are heading to the same destination the car is going, so instead of using a plane, train, rental car or bus, they offer to drive people’s cars, which saves them money.

But most companies do hire professional drivers, so make sure which options the company you choose offers.


The service is considered to be a substantial amount cheaper than using car carriers or hauling trucks.

Depending on the company, some will charge you a flat rate of the transportation. Being the owner of the car, you will be expected to reimburse the driver for fuel.

Some include fuel expenses in the quote, others tally it up separately.

Other modes of transport such as hauling trucks or shipments make several stops causing delays and more expenses on you the longer it takes to transport your car.


No matter how professional a driver is or how careful, accidents can happen.

Companies should have liability coverage but you need to make sure what is covered exactly and review your agreement carefully since liabilities vary from company to company.


The service will guarantee you an early pick up time.

With traditional hauling of a car, you first have to have it driven to the location of the hauling.

Then the car needs to wait until the shipment is packed with other cars before the journey starts. This takes at least a couple of days, sometimes more.

Cars are sometimes prone to scratches and damages during this waiting stage and while being hauled up onto a trailer.

In drive away services, you decide the pickup time and place which is very convenient. Once you do that, your car is ready to go to its destination.

It’s usually a door-to-door service that spares you going to a terminal or pickup location.

Driver credentials

Drive away companies do have a thorough screening of their drivers, and you will be allowed to review the information collected on drivers.

Besides valid licenses and driving record, there are other certain mandatory requirements that this service must have on their drivers.

Personal items

Some companies will allow you to also transport personal items packed in the car. When traditionally hauling a car, you’d be requested to remove personal items.

Yet, you will have to check with the company what is allowed and what isn’t.

A drive away service can save you the hassle and worry about transporting your car or several cars and it’s an option that you’ll want to check out.

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