Calls for Android/Microsoft to bring in-car phone mode

Road safety groups applaud arrival of Apple's car mode

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We recently reported on Apple’s new in-car setting that allows drivers to block phone calls when they’re on the go.

Now there are renewed calls for smartphones using the Android operating system to have a similar function built-in.

Road safety organisations and charities in Europe have written to Android and Microsoft urging them to include the ‘opt out’ driving mode in the operating system.

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It’s estimated more than 80% of the world’s smartphones use the operating system.

They say the action needs to be taken to help prevent “the needless deaths and serious injuries caused by drivers using handheld mobile phones behind the wheel”.

In the letter, the groups urge Android and Microsoft to follow Apple’s lead.

The group says the illegal use of handheld mobile phones at the wheel is now at “epidemic proportions”.

“The illegal use of handheld mobile phones when driving is a growing menace and a major threat to road safety,” says Brake Director of Campaigns, Jason Wakeford.

“As a society, we have become addicted to our mobile phones, but a split-second distraction caused by a call, text or notification can be deadly.

“The industry must play its part and include technology as standard which helps keep drivers’ attention on the road, saving lives and preventing serious injuries.”

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We will keep you updated as further info on this topic comes to hand.

Would you use a ‘car mode’ setting on your phone? What should be done to help combat the in-car mobile phone use issue?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. Windows phones (since windows phone 8 update 3) has had a safety feature called called “driving mode” and has been available for the past few years that allows users to ignore incoming calls and texts if they choose while driving. Apple is late to the table with this feature so they are certainly not the vanguard of it, and it seems the road safety organizations in Europe didn’t do their homework on the phone operating system features.

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