Should I buy an older German car?

Should I buy an older German car?

A question about a second car purchase

We got this question in from Sarah and are more than happy to help…

Hi Behind the Wheel, we are looking for a second car and are after for some advice.

Our budget is under $8,000 and I’ve looking on the car classifieds websites at some BMW 3 Series cars.

For example, there’s a 2005 model BMW 318i with 170,000km available and it’s less than $6,000.

Would this be a good investment? Or am I better off going for something newer from a regular car brand like Toyota?

Any assistance appreciated.

Sarah, the older German cars that you’re looking at are probably very nice cars and are likely holding up well for their age, especially if they’ve been well looked after.

We aren’t going to give you a complete no on that option as it is entirely possible that you could get an older BMW and have many years of trouble free motoring.

However, don’t go anywhere near one that doesn’t have a sound service history and without getting a thorough mechanical inspection (from a mechanic you know and trust).

If this is a situation where you just have to have a German car and you are sure it’s mechanically sound, then go for it.

If your heart doesn’t have to have one, and this is simply a car to get you from A to B, then a late model Japanese or Korean vehicle is most likely the smart alternative.

There are dozens of well looked after Mazda3, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai i30 and Kia Cerato cars sitting in car dealerships right now looking for a good home.

Chances are you’ll get a newer car with this option and one that has traveled less kilometres too.

Again, check service history and make sure you get it looked over first, however, if are unlucky and run into some problems, parts are likely to be relatively cheap and very easy to source.

While you also won’t need a specialist to get the Japanese/Korean cars repaired either.

We hope that helps and hope to hear back from you when you make a purchase.

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