Bump Products Car Body Protection Review

Bump Products Car Body Protection Review

Joel Helmes reviews Bump Products Door and Bumper Protectors.

Bump Products Car Body Protection Review
Bump Products Front Bumper and Corner Bumper protectors.

No matter how careful you are little accidents happen.

There’s nothing more frustrating than making a slight error in judgement and leaving a dent, scrape or scratch in your cars bodywork or bumpers.

Repair costs can be excessive, especially if some respraying is required.

Well, Bump Products, an Australian owned company that produces its entire range of car body protection accessories here, recently invited us to try out some of their products.

As the photos show we attached the front bump protection, corner bumper protection and door protection samples that were provided to us.

Bump Products Car Body Protection Review
It’s recommended that you wipe the area clean with methylated spirits first.

Bump Products claim years of testing the UV and adhesive qualities in the products has made their products the leading brand in car bump protection.

Bump Products Car Body Protection Review
Simply remove the backing tape and press the protectors onto your car.

The products are manufactured in Sydney and are made from a soft UV resistant compound.

Bump Products Car Body Protection Review
The door protectors include reflectors and come in a number of different colours.

We will monitor the effectiveness of the bump protection in real world conditions and whether they show any signs of fading or deterioration over coming months.

You can find out more about Bump Products on their website.

Joel Helmes

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  1. The BumpProducts.com.au don’t stick, unfortunately. Great idea, but the glue used in the manufacture of these products simply does not have sufficiently strong adhesion. I tried both the ‘around-the-corner’ protector (it came unstuck of its own accord); and also the ‘next to the number-plate’ one, which is also a weak bond. The only solution I can suggest – which I’ve had to resort to – is to use Super-glue – a remedy which is questionable in the longer run, if I ever had to do some bodywork on the car.
    What BumpProducts.com.au supply is a peal-off sticker system … inadequate, to say the least.

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