Brica Smart Shade Review

Brica Smart Shade Review

We stay cool with a product from Munchkin…

It’s an eternal struggle for passengers to shade themselves from incessant  the glare of the sun.

Those sun shades with the suction cups are unreliable and are a puzzle to fold up, and you won’t enjoy the luxury of built-in sun blinds unless you have a current upper spec vehicle.

Well, there is a compromise with the Brica Smart Shade by Munchkin.

The Smart Shade is a retractable sun shade that can be fitted onto most windows and moves up and down with the window.

Brica Smart Shade Review A clip at the top of the shade hooks over the window pulling the shade up as the you wind the window up.

If you roll the window down the blind can stay up with the clip wedged in the frame.

To install just flick down the toggles at the bottom and push down firmly into the door panel against the glass – no tools required!

Two little rubberised hooks keep it in place but these are flexible so only a bit of force is required to slide the unit out and relocating to another window or vehicle.

Brica Smart Shade Review

At 41 cm wide the Smart Shade blocks out a good deal of light thought not a whole window and Brica claims it blocks out 90 percent of sunlight as well as UV rays.

A real handy solution for blocking out the sun saving you the hassle of putting a shade up every time it’s bright, especially for those that can’t put one up themselves like toddlers or babies.

The Brica Smart Shade retails for $34 and is available from Target, Babies R Us and Baby Bunting.

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