BMW X7 confirmed

BMW X7 confirmed

US manufacturing facility upgraded to produce more X cars…

The GL-Class Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover will have some new competition in coming years from a new X model to be built by BMW.

It’s been confirmed that the extremely popular BMW X range will grow to include a large SUV – the X7.

While no other details have been released, BMW confirmed overnight that their manufacturing plant in South Carolina in the US would be expanded, at a cost of a billion dollars to meet demand for the X badged range.

This will increase annual production capacity at the plant by 50% up to 450,000 vehicles.

Commenting on the expansion, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Norbert Reithofer, confirmed the expansion would include production of the new model.

“With the BMW X7, we are developing another, larger X model, which we will produce at our U.S. plant for our world markets – once again underscoring our commitment to the US.”

No other details on the X7 were confirmed.

(Thanks to BMW Blog for lead image)