BMW Sets Sights on record 2016 in Australia

BMW Sets Sights on record 2016 in Australia

BMW Australia boss says 2016 should see more sales for BMW.

The BMW Australia managing director Marc Werner says he can only see growth ahead in 2016 for the brand in Australia.

Coming off a record 2015 result that saw BMW sales shoot up by over 30% in Australia, Werner told motoring journalists at a BMW drive day in Victoria that 2016 sales should continue to head north this year.

The comments come after BMW had a busy year releasing new models into the local market in 2015.

Werner said that will continue this year with a number of new/refreshed BMW cars heading our way, as well as new models from MINI, such as the John Cooper Works Convertible and fresh BMW Motorrad offerings too.

Celebrating 100 years of vehicle production this year, Mr Werner said Australian car buyers are being drawn to sporty models in particular and it’s these models, such as the BMW M range, that are proving the most attractive to local buyers.

One of those performance-orientated offerings is the new BMW M2, a model that is sure to be met with plenty of enthusiasm. Warner confirming an M2 had arrived in Australia for local testing and dealerships are looking forward to taking delivery.

While speaking of dealerships, the BMW boss promised more BMW i electric car dealerships were also about to come online, doubling the current six dealerships where the i3 and i8 are available.

Lastly, Mr Werner also spoke of his enthusiasm for the new hybrid versions of the BMW X5 and 3 Series, two offerings coming soon to Australian roads.

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