BMW driver’s top ‘most hated’ poll

UK survey finds BMW drivers aren’t popular among other motorists.

Do personalities change when behind the wheel of a BMW?

It’s a reputation that’s been around for years and a new survey undertaken in the United Kingdom has again found BMW drivers can be…well a little impatient and aggressive.

No, actually the survey went beyond that, BMW drivers have been described as the most hated drivers in Britain!

Car dealers Appleyard completed the survey, with those behind the wheel of BMW’s considered ‘rude and arrogant’.

Audi and Range Rover drivers finished second and third respectively in the most disliked poll.

The worst-rated drivers are sales executives, followed by boy racers, taxi drivers and school run mums.

Spokesman Robin Appleyard told the Daily Star newspaper he wasn’t surprised by the result.

“Who hasn’t been tail-gated by an aggressively-driven BMW taking its owner to a business meeting?”

What do you think? Reputation well-deserved? Or are there worse drivers than BMW drivers? Let us know.

Joel Helmes