Blue Bandit electric car on-track for Sydney

blue bandit ev

If you’re out on the roads in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales keep your eyes out for a very different electric car.

The car, dubbed the Blue Bandit, has been on a journey that started in Amsterdam back in 2016.

At the wheel is electric car adventurer Wiebe Wakker who is on course to set a new electric car distance record.

Over the past 1000 days or so the Blue Bandit has travelled over 89,000 kilometres and has crossed Europe, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and now Australia.

Wiebe has been in Adelaide and is now on track to finish his record setting journey in Sydney.

It’s not just the distance of the trip that makes this such an interesting pursuit – the blue bandit is charged essentially by good will.

Wiebe is traveling without money and is relying on the helpfulness of people to support him with a meal, place to sleep or electricity to charge the car.

So far 1,700 people from 45 countries reached out to help.

He says the pursuit is all about getting people to think differently about electric cars and increase the uptake in of electric cars.

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