Best used luxury car around $20,000

Best used luxury car around $20,000

Philip is looking for a comfortable used car to tour Australia.

Best used luxury car around $20,000

Best used luxury car around $20,000. There’s plenty of support here for the Holden Statesman.

Gentlemen, I listen in to Behind the Wheel each week on Bay FM in Nelson Bay NSW.

I have just retired and want to get a nice vehicle to do some long distance touring in, what do you suggest? Was thinking ML-Class Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover or Holden Statesman.

I have up to $20,000 to spend and want something reliable and comfortable. Which way should I go?

Chris Miller – Philip, I love the plan to get out there and see some of Australia, mind you, what a beautiful spot you have to come back to at Nelson Bay!

None the less, a few thoughts on the cars you mentioned…a decent Mercedes-Benz ML-Class is most likely going to have to be a bit old to fit comfortably in your budget, same goes really with the Range Rover.

Both the German and the British offerings could leave you with some headaches if you happen to have a breakdown somewhere on your journey. No doubt both the Mercedes and the Range Rover are comfortable tourers, I’m just not sure they are the smartest options.

That’s where the Holden Statesman comes to the fore. Essentially just a Holden Commodore, mechanically this is a vehicle designed with Australia and Australian conditions in mind and parts and know-how about how to fix it are going to be commonplace around the nation. Which country town doesn’t have a Holden dealership?

V6 and V8 versions are available, sure you don’t sit as high as you would in the ML or the Rangie, but there’s no shortage of space, features or comfort inside the big Holden.

Peter – I agree with Chris, the access to parts while you are on your trips makes me think the Statesman is the one to go for. Remember though that the SUVs will give you some protection from kangaroo strikes etc. and give you the option of touring down the odd dirt road that might take your fancy while you do your exploring.

Check out our Car Classifieds Philip, I’m sure you might find a Holden Statesman there that will suit your needs.

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