Best Games for Car Enthusiasts

If you love everything to do with motoring and automobiles, then this will be a big part of your life.

If you live, drink and breathe cars, you will want to find ways that you can enjoy this pastime – even if you are not behind the wheel yourself! Fortunately, there are many terrific games to play that any car enthusiast will love and get a real kick out of.

These games can be fun to play to pass the time when you are not driving or working on your car, and many can be played no matter where you are.

Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo series is legendary amongst car enthusiasts, and it is a series that has always been known to provide some of the most breathtaking graphics in gaming history.

They are known for their realism in terms of the cars themselves and the driving performance ever since the very first game on PlayStation in 1997.

Robot Car Extreme

This fun game on the App Store is proving to be hugely popular with car enthusiasts, and it is easy to see why! The exhilarating app sees you control a transforming robot car where you must defeat enemies and save the world over 24 challenging missions.


If board games are more your style, then Rallyman could be the perfect game for you. This exciting board game allows you to create a rally track where you get to progress along the board with each throw of the dice with a range of challenges and obstacles along the way.

Online Betting

Those with a need for speed will also enjoy online betting particularly if you are betting on a car or any other type of race.

Unibet sportsbook is a great place to bet with all kinds of different options available to you, meaning you should always be able to find a bet that takes your fancy.

Project Cars

Project Cars is a great game for those with an interest in the mechanics of cars and customisation. In addition to thrilling racing, you also get an impressive amount of control over every single aspect of your automobile, along with the tracks, the weather, etc.

It makes it appealing to all types of car enthusiast, so it is no surprise that it is proving so popular right now!

CSR Classics

If you are into classic cars, then this great app could be for you. It is a typical racing game for your device where the key to success is about acceleration and well-timed gear changes, but this all takes place in beautiful vintage cars which any car lover will appreciate.

There are many brilliant car games out there that vehicle enthusiasts will love playing. These are available on all kinds of platforms so you should always be able to find a fun game whether you are sitting around at home or on the go.

With technology and gaming, there will always be fun video games to choose from based on racing and cars, but there are also board games to consider too which can be just as fun.

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