Best Drives Around Sydney: Berowra Waters

Berowra Waters is one of the best Sydney day-trips

berowra waters sydney

One of the most scenic areas in Greater Sydney, Berowra Waters also has some of the most interesting roads for you to explore.

Head up the M1 and turn off at the Brooklyn bridge turnoff, Mooney Mooney. Go right at the roundabout and back on to the Old Pacific Highway.

berowra waters ferry mapThis brings you over the old bridge and up a beautiful, if short, set of curves to ‘Pie in the Sky’ at Cowan. Stop and say hi, and while you’re there, have a pie for lunch.

The view is stunning back over the river from high above the M1.

This is a favourite spot for motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts. On a weekend, you’ll be lucky to find a table. Have your photo taken under the tree of wisdom.

When you’re full, head back towards Sydney, and turn right at the Berowra Waters sign a few kilometres down the road. There are some nice bends on the way.

Take an easy spin through outer suburbia, following the signs down into the gorge.

The 40km/h limit is not advisory. If you drop off the side, your clothes will be out of fashion before you reach the bottom.

One of the very few vehicular ferries in NSW awaits you at the river. You can’t rush the experience, so take your time.

The ferry is free of charge, but is occasionally closed for routine maintenance so make sure you check the RMS website before you head off.

There is a large car park on the other side. It is a great place to sit quietly. If you’re still peckish, the Fish café serves excellent fish and chips.

From then on, there is an easy drive through the sandstone canyons. The road is narrow and leads back up to the plateau.

Instead of heading straight back to Sydney, why not challenge yourself with a quick spin through Galston Gorge.

Be careful at the narrow bridge.

berowra waters ferryThe thick forest canopy makes the sun dance on the windscreen like a scene from a 60’s movie.

A decent V8 will have the sounds bouncing off the sandstone in a way you don’t get in tunnels. You wind your way slowly up a set of dramatic hairpins as you ascend once again to the plateau.

My advice is to you, is to take a left and head back toward Cowan, then right on to the M1 once you reach the top of the Gorge.

There is only few K’s of the M1 to be had before getting back to the Pacific Hwy, but it is a rewarding 110km/h section. Well worth it if your baby likes highspeed runs.

Best Drives Around Sydney: Berowra Waters

  • Round trip time: approx. 3 hours from Sydney CBD
  • Road Surface: Varies. Tarmac poorly maintained in sections
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Images: Uncouched Potato and Berowra Waters Marina

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