February 28, 2019

Best Cars for Dog Owners

Best Cars for Dog Owners

Most dog-friendly cars of 2015 named.

Best Cars for Dog Owners
Best Cars for Dog Owners – the Subaru XV was named one of the best cars for dogs and their owners.

About 40% of Australian households have a dog and it seems more people are taking their dogs with them on car trips and outings.

So, when choosing a new car, for many Australian motorists their vehicle has to be dog friendly. Now a new list of the best cars for dog owners has been compiled by the team at AutoTrader in the U.S.

Fortunately, most of the most of the most dog-friendly cars are available in Australia.

Taking into account factors such as comfort, safety and convenience, AutoTrader recommends these vehicles for dog owners;

Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader says there are some things dog owners should look at to ensure road trips are enjoyable for both human and dog passengers.

“The cars on our list provide key features for pet owners, such as fold-flat rear seats, rear lift gate, low ride-height, airy cabin and under-floor storage.”

In other news; Toyota again our most trusted car brand and New study finds bad driving makes you less attractive.

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