Best Cars for DINKS

Best Cars for DINKS

Double Income and No Kids? Joel Helmes looks at some of the best cars aimed directly at you.

Best Cars for DINKS
Best Cars for DINKS (Double Income No Kids).

If you’re yet to enjoy the blessing of the pitter-patter of little feet then chances are your bank balance is fairly healthy and your life is fairly uncomplicated!

So, you probably want a vehicle that provides adaptability for your free-wheeling lifestyle, is fun, not to large and has plenty of style.

Here are some good options to consider:

Kia Cerato Koup

Best Cars for DINKS
Best Cars for DINKS – Kia Cerato Koup.

Priced from $19,990, the two-door version of the recently launched new Kia Cerato comes with a choice of 1.8 or 2.0 naturally aspirated engines, or a sportier 1.6 litre turbo power plant.

As you would expect, the turbo engine does provide a more exhilarating drive and if you can find the extra dollars is the one to get.

Good points in the Kia Cerato Koup include impressive ride, handling and steering, the cabin is also generously sized for a two-door coupé, the Kia build quality is excellent now-a-days and the five-year warranty provides excellent peace of mind.

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Honda Jazz

Best Cars for DINKS
Best Cars for DINKS – Honda Jazz.

Priced from just $15,990, the funky little Jazz is the most sensible selection here.

With spritely little 1.3 or 1.5 litre engines on offer and a even a hybrid! The Jazz boasts five-star safety, a good list of standard features and those famous adaptable rear seats, in-all the Jazz makes a lot of sense.

The high(ish) seating position and overall design of the Jazz make it an easy car to drive and park in tight spaces.

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Best Cars for DINKS
Best Cars for DINKS – Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Nothing says fun and freedom more than a red Alfa Romeo.

Priced from just $24,550, the little Italian offering comes with a choice of petrol and diesel engines and offers a very sporty look and feel, without spending a lot of money.

Good points include five-star safety and five-doors, but the Alfa Romeo offering will cost you more if you want features such as satellite navigation and a reversing camera.

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Nissan JUKE

Best Cars for DINKS
Best Cars for DINKS – Nissan JUKE.

The new kid on the block is this fun and interestingly designed offering from Nissan.

The JUKE is priced from just $22,090 and offers funky styling, some off-road ability (a 4×4 on-demand version is available) and there’s a choice of 1.6 litre naturally aspirated or 1.6 litre turbo engines available.

With five-star safety, a reasonably sized cabin and quite good fit and finish, the JUKE is worth considering. Spend the extra dollars though and go for the turbo model!

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Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ

Best Cars for DINKS
Best Cars for DINKS – Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ.

There are few cars that get as much attention on the road than the 86/BRZ. Co-produced by Toyota and Subaru, this two-door coupé is priced from just $29,990!

Some of the best bits include those great looks, five-star safety, tremendous handling, and a sports car feel without breaking the bank.

The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ is powered by a 2.0 litre engine that doesn’t quite give the two-door coupé the grunt it deserves, but you’ll still have plenty of fun!

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