Bentley boosts Continental GT Speed

Bentley boosts Continental GT Speed

Bentley’s flagship Grand Tourer gets power and luxury enhancements for 2014…

If your pockets are deep and the Bentley Continental GT Speed wasn’t fast and comfortable enough for you before, you will be pleased to know the model has received an upgrade.

Bentley has announced the Grand Tourer will benefit from an upgrade to its W12 engine which boasts power up to a mammoth 467kW, while torque tops out at a gigantic 820Nm!

With a new top speed of 331km/h, the Bentley GT Speed coupé is now the fastest production Bentley ever.

To match the added speed and power, Bentley has given the flagship model a new front splitter, discrete side skirts and even a rear diffuser!

The GT Speed also picks up new interior colour options, as well as Speed branding sewn to the front and rear headrests.

Meantime, Bentley has also announced that a new V8 powertrain is being introduced to the Flying Spur.

Sitting alongside the W12 version, the V8 offers 373kW and 660Nm and gives the luxury sedan a top speed of 295 km/h.

Bentley boosts Continental GT Speed
The cabin of the new Bentley Continental GT Speed.

If you want the pricing information on either model, you cannot afford them!