Benefits of a shiny clean car

Yes, there are some advantages to keeping it clean

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Washing a car, for most people, isn’t really an enjoyable exercise and even if you do like it, chances are you’d probably say you were too busy to get out there with a sponge and bucket.

But, whether you do it yourself, go through a car wash, or visit a car wash café, the time/effort/money may be worth investing, according to the motoring experts at IAM Roadsmart.

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Benefits of a shiny clean car:

Keep Your Clothes Clean

Our cars are getting wider and parking bays are growing narrower all the time and nothing is more irritating than getting a filthy smudge on your clothes as you squeeze between two dirty cars.

At least if yours is clean you stand a chance of exiting untarnished.

Protect Your Paint

A layer of grime, salt, tree sap and road grease will dull the paintwork if left undisturbed.

The caked-on chemicals gradually eat into the ultra-smooth top layer, making it rougher at a microscopic level, which stops that glossy showroom sheen.

A thorough wash will stop that action and even if the car gets covered in road dirt the following day, the dulling process will take time to re-start.

If you polish it as well, the new look will last even longer as the polish acts as a barrier between the paint and the dirt.

Regular washing will keep the car looking new underneath the dirt for much longer!

Bird Droppings Will Destroy Your Paint

Car factories do much less damage to the surrounding environment than they used to and one of the major contributors is the move to eco-friendly paints.

Unfortunately, they are also softer than their toxic predecessors and very prone to being permanently marked by bird droppings that are left on for any more than a couple of days.

Car Washing is Good Exercise

You could burn about 325 calories by washing a car and anything up to 1,000 if you polish it as well!

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How often do you wash your car? Got any car wash tips for us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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