Belkin Car Power Valet Review

Belkin Car Power Valet Review

We road test and review a premium car charger by Belkin…

The one thing worse than running out of phone charge is not having enough time to charge its slowly depleting battery.

Car chargers make that more convenient especially if you’re on the go but there are limitations out of a 12V socket.

The Car Power Valet from Belkin allows iPhone users to charge their smartphone faster and safer too.

The charger delivers optimal charging for devices at 1.2 amps for an iPhone and 2.4 amps for an iPad through the braided Lightning cable.

Belkin Car Power Valet ReviewThis means a quicker rate of charge and in our test run it was evident with a noticeable difference in power in a matter of minutes.

Devices are also protected from over currents and excess voltage meaning you won’t fry your smartphone.

At $119.95, the Car Power Valet may seem a bit steep but you do get elegant design and premium materials; an aluminium charger, braided cable and leather case.

Plus there is a small magnet that can be attached to the dashboard where you can clip on the magnetised cable to keep it neat and tidy.

Belkin Car Power Valet ReviewIt may a bit costly to some but if you want style and speed for your iPhone, this is the way to go.

The Belkin Car Power Valet is available from the Belkin website.

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