Behind the Wheel Podcast 505

Another enormous edition of Behind the Wheel…

There’s been news from Porsche – their Mission E Electric Concept Car finally has been confirmed as a production car & it has a name.

There’s a new 911 Speedster concept too, Chris Jordan from Porsche will call in with all the details.

Kia has unveiled an electric car called the Niro in Seoul. With a range of 400km +, wrapped in a body that looks like the current day Sportage, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Kevin Hepworth from Kia Australia has all the details for us.

Joel Helmes has been driving an enormous van. More enormous than you could ever imagine. You’ll need to tune in to find out how big.

Simon has had the keys to the Alfa Romeo Guilia. It hasn’t broken down once, and apparently its really nice. We’ll find out why he thinks it’s so good.

Pete will really take you around the block in the latest Range Rover Evoque. It’s genuine this week after all of last weeks promises!

And Chris & Pete will debate the value of the 7 seat offering from Nissan – the latest Pathfinder.

Rachel Franco wants to chat mobile phones & cars. She’s stern, but still Rachel, so it makes for an interesting discussion.

Belt up – it’s on again for another week!

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