Behind the Wheel Podcast 499

A really big edition of the show is on the cards this week.

We’re headed to China for the Beijing Motor Show. Joel Helmes was the guest of our mates at Haval and he brings news of lots of weird and wonderful cars, and he has a few surprises in store.

Simon Lai has been racing around in an often overlooked sports car – the Nissan 370Z, we’ll bring you all the details.

We’ve got details on a few new Volkswagen’s too, including the all-new and very svelte Arteon.

The cheapest ever VW Golf GTi, the Original, and we’ve discovered a new bench mark in the small car class, the all-new Volkswagen Polo – even in base model form it’s a cracker.

Rachel Franco returns with more madness – she’s keen to share stories on cars that have been given a name. For example, she had a Barina with a gender crisis called Barry. You can imagine how this will pan out!

Kevin Hepworth, from Kia Australia, joins us with details on a refreshed version of Australia’s best selling people mover, the Carnival.

We’ll take you for a drive in the very beautiful new BMW 630 GT, and have lots of laughs along the way.

Join us for another week on the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast…

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