Behind the Wheel Podcast 498

On this week’s edition of Behind the Wheel, we’ll give you the best advice available for getting out of a speeding ticket. Well, the absolute best advice is don’t speed, but apparently there are other ways and things you should consider if a fine arrives in the mail. Effie Zahos, from Money Magazine, will join us with the details.

There’s an awesome car show in Melbourne next month. It’s Australia’s version of the world famous CEMA Show in LA. It’s called Motor Ex – we’ll get you all the info you need from the guy who is running it. It’s shaping up to be utterly epic.

Simon Lai is driving the 2018 version of the Subaru Outback. He’ll give us his thoughts on whether the perennial favourite is still a worthy contender .

The lovely Rachel Franco is back with some ideas on home-made car accessories

We’ll take you for a drive in the all electric and rather delicious BMW i3S.

It’s a load of fun with some interesting car facts thrown in – so go on, hit play on this week’s Behind the Wheel.

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