Behind the Wheel Podcast 497

It’s Ute o’clock this week on Behind the Wheel. We’ll take you live to the launch of some exciting new variants of the Toyota Hilux.

We’ll hear how you can become 007 James Bond…well almost!

James Scimshaw from Jaguar will bring us details on Jaguar’s new Austrian lair.

He also has details on the fastest ever F-Pace – Jaguar have shoehorned a massive V8 under the bonnet of one of the prettiest SUV’s on the market – the Jaguar F-Pace SVR.

Lexus have revealed their most luxurious car ever – the all-new Lexus LS.

Nick Raman has all the details on what to expect from the flagship saloon.

Simon Lai has been driving a car that’s way too big for him – the Nissan Patrol. We’ll find out if he was able to see over the steering wheel.

The always effervescent Rachel Franco is back with some insights into Jay Leno – or more specifically, his garage and whether she might ditch Pete in favour of the big chinned comedian.

Don’t miss a minute of this week’s Behind the Wheel.

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