Behind the Wheel Podcast 494

There’s a whole lot going on this week on the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast with Joel Helmes filling in for Chris Miller and Peter Hitchener.

Joel catches up with the head honcho of Toyota Australia to talk new Corolla, new RAV4 and the return of Supra!

Alan Zurvas tells us all about his time in ‘Godzilla’, the famous Nissan GT-R, while Simon Lai gives us his review of the Renault Megane wagon.

Speaking of wagons, Joel also reviews the Skoda Superb, and brings us the lowdown on the recently arrived Volkswagen Arteon.

George Harrison, yep the former Beatle, is also along talking Formula One cars and we bring you the worrying results from a couple of driver studies out of the UK regarding kids in cars and disabled parking spots.

All that and more on this week’s edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast…

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