Behind the Wheel Podcast 488

behind the wheel car podcast logo 488

Buckle up, the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast is about to hit the road for another week.

It has arrived. The first-ever fully-imported Holden Commodore. Joel Helmes was at the launch and brings a first drive report.

Mark Flintoff from Holden joins us to tell us what Holden expect from the car, how many they think they’ll sell and how much it costs. The new Commodore has some heavy lifting to do.

A big surprise package in the Behind the Wheel garage this week out of China. The Haval H9. It’s a big seven-seat wagon that has genuine off-road ability.

We’ll take you around the block in it (all tarmac roads), and we’ll hear from Tim at Haval with details on pricing and spec.

Simon Lai is heading off on an undeserved holiday for weeks on end. So, before he goes we’re going to make him work hard. He’ll compare the seven-seat Nissan X-Trail with the Honda CR-V.

Rachel Franco is back and she’s been wasting lots of time on YouTube. She’ll share an awesome story of how cars and music sometime come together on film.

Speaking of awesome, there’s an amazing competition being run in Brisbane this weekend.

Titled “Build a self driving car in 72 hours” teams from around the globe have entered. We will get the man behind it all on to give us all the juicy details.

Here we go again for another epic one, settle in for Behind the Wheel Podcast 488…

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