Behind the Wheel Podcast 486

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Another big show on the cards this week. We’re getting ready for the Bathurst 12 hour. Hot favourites, Porsche, are fielding a huge fleet this year.

Chris Jordan from Porsche joins us on the show with details on the preparations – and he’s got a great story out of London that involves $10 million worth of gold bullion and three new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo’s.

Andrew Fraser – Nationals Member for Coffs Harbour, is pushing for driver education to be taught in schools for kids as young as twelve. It’s based on a model from CAMS.

We’ll chat to Andrew and get the nuts and bolts of the plan.

Joel Helmes has been at the Australian launch of the new Haval H9 – a seven-seat 4×4 that, on paper at least, shows a lot of promise.

We’ll get all the details on how it drives and how much it costs.

Victoria Police are in the process of renewing their fleet – starting with the Divy Vans. Their choice of vehicle is interesting and nowhere near as exciting as the car that will be replacing the Highway Patrol Commodores.

Frank Melilli, Manager of the Victoria Police Transport Branch, has all the inside goss.

The AAA (Automobile Association of Australia) is making a just call for the removal of tariffs on cars. Originally put in place to protect Australia’s car manufacturing industry, obviously there’s now no need to pay for an industry that doesn’t exist.

The AAA also think there could be another huge benefit other than the cost savings motorists would experience. Tune in the CEO Michael Bradley to hear their ideas.

And Simon Lai & Rachel Franco are back to discuss the benefits of keeping your car stocked with food and drinks.

Lots to take in on this week’s edition of Behind the Wheel.

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