Behind the Wheel Podcast 485

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We’re back for 2018 and it’s a show with a bit of international flair! Pete is going to take us on a tour of Japan & he’ll crash a Nissan Leaf live on air!

We’ll go touring car factories and get a sense of Tokyo traffic.

Meanwhile, back here in Australia, we’ll take you around the block in the BMW M4 Pure and try and figure out what you miss out on by buying the cut down version of the iconic BMW.

We’ll also stack up the M3 against the M4… is there a lot of difference apart from a couple of doors?

Speaking of BMW, they’ve unveiled a funky new SUV – the X2 and Lenore Fletcher joins us with all the pricing details and release dates.

The Maserati Quattroporte has been around a while. It’s recently been back to the factories in Modena & Turin for a bit of a nip and tuck.

Glen Sealy, CEO of Maserati Australia, has all the details for us.

Joel Helmes has been hanging with the new edition of Australia’s most popular mid-size car – the now fully imported Toyota Camry. Has the Japanese built Camry lifted the bar in comparison to the older Aussie version? We’ll find out.

And Simon Lai & Rachel Franco make their return for 2018. Who know’s what will happen!

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